Mixed Media

We Can Move Mountains, 2018
Steel (3.5mx2mx40cm)

Refuge, 2017
Survival foil blankets (8x5x6m)

Let By, 2017
Forty 60x80cm signs

I Wanted To Get To The Other Side, 2018
Pine (various dimensions-approximately 8x6x3m)

Monuments to Change,2014
Plaster (55x70cm)

Where I Start And You End, 2015
Reclaimed pine (10mx60cmx60cm)

Dreamboats (2010)
Reclaimed pine (various dimensions)

Suit Cubes, 2009
Twenty business suits (35x35x35cm)

Productivity, 2008
Wood, wax, metal, cement, limestone, earth, plastic, clay, paper, (ten parts at 25x25x25cm)